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Mississippi employee fired after using racist slur on receipt


Alexa Washington went through the drive-through at Who Dat’s in Oxford, Mississippi when she noticed a racist name on her receipt. (Getty Images/iStock)

A Mississippi restaurant employee was fired after using a racist word on a customer’s receipt.

Lex Washington went through the drive-through at Who Dat’s in Oxford, when she noticed a racist slur on her receipt, her friend Jakez Smith shared in a post.

“The employee at the drive through called her and her roommate ‘Black b-----s in silver car’ on her receipt,” Smith shared with a picture displaying the name.

After Washington made a complaint to the manager, Smith said that the employee “laughed in her face.”

Washington told WMC her car is not silver, and she was not rude to employees.

"I didn’t have any type of hostility, he didn’t have any hostility with me,” Washington told WMC.

The restaurant issued a public apology.

“This is no description or no joke, this is a vivid insult describing oppression which stabs four-five immediate generations. Our hard work as women & men as equals. Our hard work which we share as equals whether it be in any situation foreign or abroad,” the restaurant’s owner, Wylie Coleman, wrote on their page.

Coleman said the words on receipts were “unexplainable.” He said the first steps were to fire the employee who wrote the words on the receipt, and to ban any others that take similar action or feel they may marginalize others.

In an email to the Daily News, Coleman said the incident “has never happened before" and wanted to "reiterate the employee was terminated immediately.”

“I have never condoned such conduct,” Coleman wrote.

I sat down with Lex Washington for 1.5hrs this morning, discussing a broad range of issues & goals in our lives as we...

Posted by Who Dat's Drive-Thru Oxford on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

“From the bottom of my heart I would like to apologize to the young ladies that were attacked by this injustice. We have a lot of work to do as humans & a representative of the community,” Coleman wrote on the restaurant’s page.

“I am not only apologizing to her but to everyone & anyone that could subject to a label in life. I have taken the trash out on this instant that I am in control in, but I would like to inform everyone that I will not condone this anywhere.”

Washington told WMC she wants to move forward and use the events as a learning experience for the town.