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Mike Francesa moping over the Oscars seems sadly ironic


Mike Francesa seems upset.

A popular show he once loved has been stripped of its luster.

It “used to have a special feel,” the gasbag laments on Twitter, but, “like so many things in our country, just not the same.”

Wait, what? Francesa isn’t Subtweeting prime time on WFAN?

No, no. He’s just sulking over the Oscars.

Mike Francesa is sad. (Getty Images/NYDN composite.)

A considerable chunk of Francesa’s 100K Twitter followers, though, were quick to connect the glaring commonality between the two.

“Similar to afternoon drives on WFAN,” one user scoffed on Sunday night, as plenty of replies carried that general theme.

While the Oscars didn’t shamelessly walk back retirement, tons of drama surrounded the lead-up to The Academy Awards. Being host-less for the first time in three decades will have that effect.

As for Francesa, well, he could use another host himself.

Car rides around these parts just haven’t been the same since he returned to the airwaves last spring. Just check January’s ratings.

Ah, the Oscars and Mike Francesa, two of a kind.