It’s Mike Francesa’s world.

We’re just living in it.


Without notice, the Sports Pope bailed on his week-long promise to hop on his world-renowned exclusive app following Game 2 of the ALDS.

“That was it, that’s when I decided not to do a postgame last night,” Francesa said later on the “Mike’s On” app, referring to Gary Sanchez’s three-run blast to make it 6-1 Yanks in the 7th.

The Yankees ended up winning 6-2, sending the series back to the Bronx tied for a much-anticipated Game 3 Monday night.

“See, if the game’s a blowout, I don’t do a postgame on the app,” Francesa continued.

(But isn’t that part of the $8.99 a month package…?)

For non-subscribers: The clip was posted by the popular @BackAftaThis Twitter account, famous for posting clips of the Sports Pope doing his thing.

“If you have a tough loss, or a very close win and there’s a lot to talk about,” Francesa said before trailing off. “That game, we didn’t need to have it.”

Well, let’s see if he follows through on Monday.

No promises.


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