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Mighty Quinn: January 31


Super Bowl predictions from loyal readers:

Patrick Duffy: “My genuine dislike for both teams is equal, so my decision is based on which team would provide more joy by losing. Patriots losing hands down would make most of the country happy. So Fly Eagles Fly!”

Peter Morales: “If the Eagles are losing before halftime, check the footballs because they probably deflated them. lol.”

Anthony Connors: “I think I've got to go with the Pats. It's wacky to even write that down. But it's honest. If my dough-re-me had to go someplace, it's going with NE. But both teams are despicable.”

The Mighty One is in a big hole

Louis Frallicciardi: “27-17, Pats win. Gronk will be in the discussion for MVP, but Brady will ultimately win the award.”

Eileen Roland Romano: “I predict I won’t win because I’m too poor to bet!”

Mighty was waiting on Missouri St. (-7 12) on Tuesday and likes Cincinnati (-11) on Wednesday. The deficit is 425 sirignanos.