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Michigan man who told victim he wanted ‘to see someone die’ dies during break-in


A Michigan man who allegedly broke into his 90-year-old neighbor’s house to kill him instead died from his own injuries, according to police.

The unidentified 44-year-old intruder crashed through a basement window around 2 a.m. Monday in Huntington Park, then began to attack the victim with a lamp, chair and scissors, according to the Detroit News.

“I want to see someone die before I kill myself,” the suspect allegedly told the victim.

The homeowner pretended to be dead, according to the Oakland Press, stopping the attack. He sustained serious injuries and was hospitalized, but is in stable condition.

Deputies found him after a caller, the suspect’s roommate, reported seeing broken glass in the window.

“They knocked on the door and could hear someone moaning for help inside.” Oakland County Sheriff’s Maj. Robert Smith told the Detroit News.

The suspect, who had cut an artery in his leg while climbing through the broken glass, died from blood loss, police said.