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Michael Jackson’s former manager says King of Pop’s will is missing, wants Trump’s help finding it


Raymone Bain is defending former client Michael Jackson. (The Washington Post/Washington Post/Getty Images)

Michael Jackson’s former manager said Thursday the deceased icon’s will is missing.

Raymone Bain, the late singer’s former spokesperson and manager, told reporters at a press conference she did not have a copy and did not know where one could be found.

“I don’t have it, I don’t know where it is,” she said. “I have wished, I have hoped and I have prayed that Michael Jackson’s will — dated Oct. 6, 2006 — would be found, revealed, discovered, dropped from the sky. Because in it, he painstakingly outlined how he wanted his legacy to be preserved and maintained.”

Bain also said she hoped President Trump would help in the search for the will.

“Michael considered him a very close friend, and he said to me on many occasions that Mr. Trump was one of the few people who never turned his back on him, and who was there to help him during his trial,” she said.

The surprise press conference was called to announce the creation of the MJ Legacy Foundation, which would “preserve, protect and defend his name while supporting the numerous organizations he supported during his life.”

Michael Jackson’s estate told USA Today Bain was “not authorized to act on behalf of the Michael Jackson Estate nor to use Michael Jackson’s name in any way for charitable or her own commercial purposes."

During the conference Bain also defended Jackson against allegations, such as those levied against him in the documentary “Finding Neverland."

Jackson “has been a victim since his death, over and over again, and it’s time to stop," she said.

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“Michael Jackson is no punching bag, and he deserves better,” she said before calling the well-regarded documentary “biased, one-sided."

“I sincerely believe that these new revelations were timed for the beginning of the 10th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. And I believe it was their goal to derail anything being planned in his honor," she added.