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Mexican police commander’s decapitated body found in Cancún


A Mexican police commander who had been kidnapped by a drug cartel last week was found beheaded Sunday on a dirt road in the resort city of Cancún.

The decapitated body of José Antonio Archi Yama was wrapped in a sheet while his head was found in a black bag not far from the scene, according to local news outlet Noticaribe.

Archi Yama was a commander with the Quintana Roo State Police and had disappeared on Thursday.

Over the weekend, a video posted on social media purportedly showed him confessing to targeting members of the Jalisco cartel to make room for another gang at the request of his superiors.

Alberto Capella, the chief of police in Quintana Roo, said his agency would “not rest” until the people responsible for the gruesome murder are found and arrested.

“Our institution… and all of us who work in it are in mourning and in deep pain for the cowardly murder of Inspector Jose Antonio Archi Yama,” Capella wrote on Twitter.

The state’s governor, Carlos Joaquín, echoed his message in a Facebook post.

“In Quintana Roo we condemn and vigorously fight the violence and the loss of human lives,” Joaquín wrote. “This infamous action against the state police forces us to redouble the efforts, resources and conviction to continue the fight against criminals.”