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MeToo! food brand to change name after sexual harassment movement stymies sales


MeToo!, a food company that makes hummus and other vegetarian-friendly products, plans to change its name following the #MeToo movement. (MeToo!)

There’s a different kind of #MeToo victim.

Since the movement against sexual harassment went viral in late 2017, the vegetarian food brand MeToo! has noticed sales have been flat. The London-based business whose products have been sold at Costco even plans to change its name to distance itself from the campaign.

“Sales didn’t slump, they just didn’t grow as they should have,” MeToo! founder Ramona Hazan told the Daily News. “There are some trends that have emerged in the UK and likely most of the world, namely vegan, gluten free, healthy, plant-based. Our products literally fit all these trends and they do it in a cool and funky, colorful way on the shelves. They should be selling very well.”

The 14-year-old company specializes in hummus and falafel and also sells dips, sauces and prepared salads and soups.

The London-based MeToo! company makes a variety of vegetarian foods, including falafel.
The London-based MeToo! company makes a variety of vegetarian foods, including falafel. (MeToo!)

Hummus flavors include Roasted Red Pepper and Beetroot, and falafel varieties include Spinach & Kale and Sweet Potato. There’s also a Balsamic Dressing and Leek & Potato soup.

The #MeToo movement, which rallies against sexual harassment and assault, especially in the workplace, picked up steam in October of 2017 around the time a number of celebrities spoke out against film producer and accused predator Harvey Weinstein.

In the months that followed, countless other victims came forward with allegations against other high-profile figures in a variety of fields as part of the movement.

Hazan isn’t sure yet what she’ll change the name of her veggie-forward brand to. “We’re busy re-designing it so we’re not sure,” she says. “We will choose the best one and go with it.”