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Media bus hits Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s campaign plane


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is running for reelection and but ended the first day of his campaign on a down note when the media bus trailing him crashed into his airplane.

Seriously. The Liberal bus just crashed into the Liberal plane wing.

The bus transporting journalists on the campaign trail collided with the chartered 737-800's wing, scraping and denting it at the airport in Victoria, British Columbia.

Trudeau was not on board the plane at the time of the incident.

“Maybe our bus driver should have chosen backward, not forward,” journalist Tonda MacCharles wrote on Twitter, referencing the Liberal campaign slogan of “choose forward."

A spokesperson for the Liberal party said Trudeau’s schedule was unaffected by the accident and would fly on a different plane to rallies in Alberta on Thursday.

Coincidentally, Justin’s father, former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, had a similar accident during the 1980 campaign he went on to win.

A bus rammed Pierre Trudeau’s campaign plane in 1980. The election he went on to win a majority government and defeated Joe Clark’s government. #elxn19

Andrew Scheer, who is running for PM for the Conservative party, also had transportation issues on Wednesday. After his chartered plane took off from Quebec, it was diverted because of fog.

The Canadian national elections are scheduled for Oct. 21.