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Mayor de Blasio says he’ll tell bars to accept city ID cards even though that would violate state law


Oh beer!

An out-of-touch Mayor de Blasio said the city would tell bars and night clubs they should accept the municipal ID as a valid form of identification — even though card doesn’t authorize holders to purchase alcohol under state rules.

"I've never heard of people not being able to use it just to prove something as basic as your age to get into a bar, it's a 100% valid ID," de Blasio said on WNYC's "The Brian Lehrer Show" Friday.

The mayor was responding to a radio caller from Astoria named Nick who was recently turned away by a bouncer and denied entry at a bar after showing his IDNYC.

“I don’t want to carry a passport to go out and lose it, I don’t want a driver’s license for environmental reasons, so I all I have is New York City ID, but the bouncers don’t let me into bars with it, so what kid of ID am I supposed to bring with me?” Nick wondered.

De Blasio said this was the first time he’s heard about this gap in services provided by the card, which was particularly marketed toward undocumented immigrants.

But the mayor’s office has known about the prohibition for at least four years and the restrictions are noted on the IDNYC website and in government pamphlets.

“I will have our nightlife office make sure to alert all the bars, restaurants, night clubs that it is a valid ID and it should be respected,” he said. “But I’m surprised, that’s the first time I’ve ever heard of anyone turned away from a bar.”

Since the de Blasio administration launched the card in January 2015, bars across the city have put up signs telling thirsty patrons the IDNYC can’t be used to get in.

The state, not the city, regulates the sale of alcohol in New York.

While bars, restaurants and stores with licenses to sell alcohol aren't legally required to ask patrons for proof they're old enough to drink, it's still a crime for them to sell boozy drinks to anyone under 21.

The State Liquor Authority notes bars and other establishments with licenses to sell alcohol can only accept the following as valid forms of identification for proof of age: a driver's license, a non-driver ID card issued by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles, a valid U.S. military identification, a valid passport or a visa from any country.

Along with college and sheriff’s department IDs, the municipal card isn’t acceptable.