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July 16, 2019

Mayim Bialik blasts United Airlines for shutting boarding gate ‘in my face,’ suggests flight attendant hates ‘Big Bang Theory’

February 11, 2019
Mayim Bialik suggests that a United Airlines’ agent didn’t let her on plane because, “maybe she hates the Big Bang theory.” (Damian Dovarganes / AP)

Mayim Bialik was not able to “fly the friendly skies” Sunday night.

The actress and neuroscientist blasted United Airlines on social media over claims she was unfairly turned away from her flight from Houston to Los Angeles because she had a carry-on, even though others with bags were let on.


“I know I barely made my connecting flight,” Bialik wrote in her Instagram post directed at the airline. “But I made it despite your delays making me late. And you turned me away as you let 5 other people on from my connecting flight because I had a carry on suitcase. They had carry ons too.”

“I understand everything was shut but that lady stewardess didn’t have to shut the boarding door like she did in my face without even saying she was sorry,” Bialik added. “Or with 7 min left she could have made a small effort to try harder since she said there were ‘plenty of seats open.’”

The 43-year-old former star of “Blossom” suggested the reason may have been because the flight attendant wasn’t a fan of her current show, CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.”

“Maybe she hates the Big Bang theory,” Bialik wrote. “Maybe she was having a bad day. Maybe she hates women who look like they’re going to cry. Now my suitcase is broken from running so hard and aggressively, my asthma is super angry and random people think I’m a prima donna because as she shut the door I said ‘I have a first class seat!’ I didn’t mean I deserve it more, I meant can my suitcase sit in my first class seat and I’ll sit anywhere else.”

Her social media post was accompanied by a shot of her looking perturbed at the airport.

“We were able to get Ms. Bialik on the next flight to Los Angeles and we are reviewing what happened with our team in Houston,” a rep for United Airlines told the Daily News.

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