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Max Rose shifts anti-impeachment stand says ‘all options must be on the table’ after Ukraine whistleblower complaint


Rep. Max Rose shifted his stance against impeachment Tuesday, saying “all options must be on the table” after the explosive revelations that President Trump may have sought help from Ukraine to smear Joe Biden.

The moderate Staten Island Democrat called the new allegations a “serious crisis” and demanded that the White House cooperate with a congressional probe.

“A president attempting to blackmail a foreign government into targeting American citizens is not just another example of scorched earth politics,” Rose said in a statement. “It would be an invitation to the enemies of the United States to come after any citizen so long as they happen to disagree with the president.”

Rose, a Marine Corps veteran, did not outright call for impeachment. But the reversal of his previous stance against action to remove Trump is a powerful sign that a flood of Democrats have now decided they have no choice but to take on Trump.

Several moderate Democrats called for impeachment this week, including Rep. John Lewis, who made an impassioned call for action against Trump from the House floor.

Seven military or intelligence service veterans also called for an impeachment probe in a Washington Post opinion piece.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was set to meet with Democratic committee chairmen later Thursday as pressure increases on her to support impeachment, which she has long resisted.

Rose had previously spoken out against what he called a “partisan impeachment” push, calling on Democrats to focus instead on kitchen table issues as the 2020 election looms. He had been one of two Democratic representatives, along with Kendra Horn (D-Ok.), to reject impeachment out of hand.