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Mark Hamill faces backlash for calling Ivanka Trump a ‘fraud’ in tweet


“Star Wars” actor Mark Hamill received both backlash and praise after mocking a tweet posted by White House adviser Ivanka Trump that features one of her children dressed as a Stormtrooper.

“The Force is strong in my family,” Trump’s tweet read.

Hamill retweeted the photo and caption and added “'You misspelled ‘Fraud'” and the hashtag #GoForceYourself.

You misspelled "Fraud."#GoForceYourself

The mixed reactions to the tweet came immediately, with some accusing the 68-year-old actor of needlessly attacking children and others finding humor in the wordplay.

“You sure owned those kids, Mark," @neontaster wrote. "Good one.”

“Way to attack a child,” @iamabaman said.

“It’s a child in a Star Wars costume, Mark,”@chet_cannon wrote.

Still others found the tweet funny or replied to the ones who found it offensive to declare Hamill that obviously was not targeting the children.

“I don’t see Ivanka wearing a Star Wars costume?” @markintosh replied to @chet_cannon.

“Too bad you have all turned to the Dark Side,” @JohnFMcCarthy added.

“And how about the Kids who can’t have à nice Sunday because of her family?” @NightwingNad wrote in defense of Hamill.

“Mommy, why does Luke Skywalker hate us? Because we are terrible, terrible people, son,” @AdamParkhomenko quipped.

“Best tweet I’ve ever seen,” @justacasualstan wrote. “Burned her, you did.”

Neither Hamill or Trump responded to any of the tweets.