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March 1: Opioids, guns in schools and falling trees


For many, opioids are a godsend

Medford, L.I.: While Rev. Gideon Pollach and Joe Morris expressed very valid points in their Op-Ed on this country’s opiate crisis, there is another side to this crisis that nobody will address (“An opioid superfund to save lives,” Feb. 26).

There are thousands of pain patients in this country who depend on prescription pain medications in order to live pain-free, productive lives. I am one of those patients. I go monthly to see a pain management specialist and a palliative care doctor. I get my prescriptions legally and fill them at a local pharmacy. Doctors are being forced to prescribe less medication to their patients who suffer from debilitating disease and live with chronic pain every day.

We are not the cause of this opiate crisis! I am now being forced to taper down on my medication dose, which is causing more pain. How is this fair to pain patients everywhere? Putting these new restrictions on our ability to have access to our medication is both inhumane and discriminatory, and it will not stop the flow of illegal drugs that are being brought into the country.

Where are our legislators? Why won’t someone address this issue? Elizabeth Miserendino

Poetry in motion

Scranton, Pa.: President Rambo rather hilariously did declare/That if an active shooter were in a school, he would surely rush in there./Perhaps the shooter he would grope/ Grabbing her down there, at least he would hope/And dodge rounds as well as he dodged the draft/Though his girth could make that quite rare. Vin Morabito

Ask questions now

Scarborough, N.Y.: Most trained police officers miss their targets in actual gun battles about half the time. So, President Trump, what happens when a teacher shoots at someone — who is shooting at them with a weapon of war — and misses, and kills a student? To preserve the NRA’s lunacy, Trump wants to implement policy that can, and will, result in teachers shooting their students. Make America sane again. Thomas F. Comiskey

Why teachers teach

Manhattan: President Trump is showing poor judgment by assuming teachers want to learn how to fire guns and possibly kill someone. That requires a certain kind of personality that teachers may not have. Giving teachers guns and teaching them to maim or even kill is regarding a teacher as capable to teach and be prepared to quickly make correct decisions regarding safety of the classroom children. If teachers wanted to carry a gun and guard children, it seems logical the teachers would have chosen to be guards instead of teachers. Jeopardizing children’s lives to maintain a certain budget is Trump being frugal at the expense of human life. Carol Orito

Man up

Upper Montclair, Va.: Actions speak louder than words. To serve as a role model for pistol-packing school teachers, President Trump should bear arms to assist the Secret Service. Marlon T. Gieser

Swift action

Morris Plains, N.J.: I have a modest proposal regarding safety in our schools. Since the Second Amendment is sacrosanct and absolute, it seems obvious that to keep our children safe we simply stop sending them to school. Rich Japko

The root cause

Yonkers: I am against arming teachers. As a school psychologist working for the New York City Department of Education, it pains me to think about what this type of movement will do disturb the psyche of young children and adolescents. It seems to me that there needs to be social-skills training embedded in the curriculum from pre-K through 12th grade. Children need to be taught to interact with each other and how to appropriately deal with stress. Unfortunately, because of the age of technology, children (much like adults) are often glued to their phones or playing video games. They no longer develop the skills and coping mechanisms needed to deal with stressors. Zoraida Ramos

The worst kind of person

Elmhurst: Doesn’t President Trump know when to stop? Enough already with his childish behavior. Has he no shame? He would not have run into the school even if he had a weapon, because he is a coward. Look how easily he got out of protecting/serving our country. Then he has the audacity to impugn Sen. John McCain. Then to make things worse he visits one of the school shooting victims and uses the opportunity to get donations. What kind of an animal is he? Nereida Aviles

Credit where it’s due

Hoboken: Love it or hate it, the National Rifle Association must be admired as a trade association. Post-World War II, America shifted from an agrarian to an industrial/urban society. The NRA’s pitch of gun safety to farm kids became quaint as vegetarians and animal rights activists started outnumbering hunters. Besides, no respectable hunter ever needed an assault rifle to plink a squirrel, the essential base for true Brunswick stew. So the NRA switched to selling personal protection from those mean city streets to isolated rural backwaters. Its sales pitch resonated so well across the land that guns now outnumber citizens in the U.S. Were the National Machine Tool Builders Association as successful at creating such a vast market of dubious need for its member companies, every home in America would have at least one three-axis milling machine and maybe a lathe too. Bob Sterner

Rotting Hollywood

Bronx: Movie stars are calling for better gun control and blaming the President. Yet they make violent movies and collect gigantic paychecks. They can’t have it both ways. Meantime, how dumb are all the female stars fighting for rights and complaining about sexual abuse? If someone touches you inappropriately, your first reaction should be action — not coming out 15 or 20 years later whining. I don’t need a bunch of overpaid, untalented woman to tell me or show me how to be strong. My mother was my role model and taught me to respect myself and stand tall. Stick to what you know, Hollywood. Lucille Martinez

Minority rule

Manhattan: I read this weekend that the NRA claims 5 million members. How is it that the organization that represents only 1.6% of our population can have such an influence over the politicians who are elected to represent 100% of the people of this nation? Tedd Merritt

Sue everyone

Lake Fork, Texas: Sue the city for a falling tree (“Manhattan woman injured by fallen Central Park tree filing $200M lawsuit against New York City, conservancy,” Feb. 26)? And had the same city decided to cut down that tree (or any beautiful large tree down in the park), you would see people chaining themselves to it, or suing, or both. Maybe I am wrong, but it sounds like someone is looking to get rich quick! But hell, let’s all get rich! Let’s sue our city, county and state parks for things that wild animals do, avalanches, falling limbs, rocks, sinkholes, potholes, hail, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes, and for bird crap falling on our heads. Howell Williams

Gifted hands

Brooklyn: It kills me to see articles like “Lawsuit-riddled brain surgeons get one more for ‘useless’ operations” (May 19, 2009) written about such a gifted neurosurgeon. Dr. Paolo Bolognese saved my life. I thought I would kill myself from the pain my headaches caused me and very well might have. Dr. B gave me a new lease on life. Nicole Maresca

Bring back Roland

Denver: We are dismayed and extremely disappointed that Roland Martin is no longer on TV One. He is the only newscaster who provided news for African-American viewers. He has won many awards and has given our people a voice. Please explain why his show was abruptly canceled. Ron & Marva Hicks

Painting with a broad brush

Brooklyn: Voicer James Formato claimed the Daily News omitted “a very important fact about Amy Sherald, the artist who painted Michelle Obama’s portrait.” He wrote that, in one of her other pieces of art, she depicted “a black woman holding a knife in one hand and a beheaded white woman in the other.” Formato needs to better research his claims. Sherald created no such imagery. The painting he refers to is by Kehinde Wiley, who did the portrait of Barack Obama. It’s a modern interpretation of an old biblical tale, the beheading of Holofernes by Judith. Sherald’s style and subject matter are very different. How could he have confused the two artists? Alana Wilson