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Marcel the monkey from ‘Friends’ has booked another TV role


Katie the monkey, who played Marcel on "Friends," has landed another TV gig. (NBC via Getty Images)

It’s no monkey business ? this monkey is staying in business.

Katie the capuchin monkey, who played Marcel on “Friends” in the 1990s, has landed a role on another series, “Y: The Last Man" that’s set to premiere next year, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

John Landgraf, the CEO of FX who previously worked for NBC, says he noticed the monkey while watching clips of “Y: The Last Man."

“I recognize Jennifer Aniston, I recognize Courteney Cox and I recognize that monkey!" he recalled thinking during a recent Television Critics Association, according to THR.

The monkey’s trainer then confirmed to THR that Katie is indeed the same monkey who appeared on “Friends" as the pet of David Schwimmer’s character, Ross Gellar.

Katie is in her 20s, the trainer said, and capuchin monkeys can live to be around 40.

In the show, Katie ? who is female ? plays a male monkey, just like she did on “Friends.”