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Man busted after trying to set off fake backpack bomb at New Rochelle train station


A wannabe terrorist ended up under arrest after trying to detonate a fake bomb at a Westchester Metro-North train station, authorities said.

Thomas Skoupa, 54, was busted around 2:30 p.m. Monday after terrified commuters called 911 to report a man trying to detonate his backpack at the New Rochelle train station, sources said.

First responders found Skoupa sitting on an outside bench wearing a nylon pouch with wires attached to several cigarette lighters, police said.

As New Rochelle police closed in, he stood up, extended his right arm and blasted them with a small flashlight, turning it on and off several times.

His ‘bomb’ turned out to be a broken Walkman/radio wrapped in black electrical tape and connected to wires, sources said.

Skoupa has been charged with making a terroristic threat, police said.

The New Rochelle train station serves Metro-North Railroad and as well as Amtrak trains. There were no service disruptions due to the faux bomb scare, authorities said.