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‘Make America Straight Again’ conference will bring a group of anti-LGBTQ preachers to Orlando’s Pride weekend


Rev. Patrick Boyle

A group of preachers known for their wildly anti-LGBTQ views, are gathering in Orlando, Fla., for a three-day conference during Pride celebration this weekend, as the city mourns and remembers the 49 victims of the Pulse nightclub attack.

The “Make America Straight Again” conference was announced by Patrick Boyle, pastor of the Revival Baptist Church in greater Orlando, on the church’s YouTube page in May.

In the video, he announced that his church would host “a conference exposing the reprobates,” and disclosed the presence of anti-gay extremists, known for “making a vocal stand against the Sodomites and their filth that they’ve been spreading to the homes of families across the world and the United States of America."

Some of the video highlights include preachers Roger Jimenez, who celebrated the Pulse attacks during a sermon, and Steven Anderson, who praised the Orlando shooter for leaving “50 less pedophiles in this world.”

Anderson is currently banned in several countries because of his extremist ideas.

Another notable name is Tommy McMurtry, who once said that “homos” should be “put in their place: 6 feet under.”

McMurtry uploaded a video on his YouTube channel, “Let God Burn Them Quickly" (LGBTQ), to show his support. He asked for prayers for any violence that might ensue.

“Pray that if they do any protests, that it gets violent,” he said. “They have Stand Your Ground in Florida. So we’re allowed to fight back. I say ‘bring it’ ", he said laughing.

Boyle has asked the Lake County Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement deputies for protection, but the sheriff’s office declined.

“It appears as though the conference disparages homosexuals and will be targeting them during the group’s conference this week,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement obtained by local news station WFTV.

“Furthermore, the fact that the timing of this conference coincides with the three-year anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting in nearby Orlando did not go unnoticed by our staff. We felt as though the timing of the conference is in poor taste and we chose not to allow the group to hire our deputies.”