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Majority of House now backs impeachment proceedings


It looks like the Democrats have the numbers.

After Wednesday’s transcript summary release of President Trump’s July phone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, a majority of House members favor impeachment proceedings, a report says.

Politico reported that as of Wednesday evening, 217 House Democrats and Pennsylvania Independent Justin Amash now support a presidential impeachment inquiry — 218 members out of the House’s 435.

After months of reluctance to instigate proceedings that could ultimately lead to Trump’s White House ouster, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi offered full inquiry support Wednesday.

Among Dems who had previously called for impeachment talks was Rep. Ilhan Omar.

“We ran on a promise: to restore power to the people of this country and to hold this corrupt president fully accountable for violating our Constitution,” tweeted the freshman Minnesota representative Wednesday evening. “We intend (to) keep that promise.”