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Live deer with arrows through bodies lead to hunt for shooter


Oh, deer.

Law enforcement and wildlife officials in Oregon are searching for the person who’s been shooting deer, leaving the animals alive but injured with arrows sticking out of their bodies.

The shootings have occurred in an area about 295 miles south of Portland, the Washington Post reports.

Oregon fish and wildlife troopers were dispatched over the weekend to locate and tranquilize deer to remove the arrows.

Troopers “found not one, but two deer that had arrows protruding from them. The injuries to the deer did not appear to be life threatening,” Oregon State Police reported in a statement. “Additional information was received that there might actually be a third deer with an arrow stuck in it.”

Arrows used to main the deer are not ones used by hunters, officials said.

(Oregon State Police)

The arrows, according to state police, are not the kind used by hunters, according to an Oregonian report.

“We’ve been unable to capture the deer to (sedate the animals and) remove the arrows,” Raiser told the paper. “You have to get very close to the deer, about 30 yards, for it to be effective, which is difficult for wild deer.”

A reward is out for information that leads to the arrest in this case. It was originally set at $500 through the state’s Turn in Poachers program has been raised to $2,000 thanks to additional funds from Oregon Hunters Association

The TIP program number is 1-800-452-7888. Callers can remain anonymous.