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April 23, 2019

Lawyers for former Brooklyn cops accused of raping teenager attack victim’s credibility

November 29, 2018
Richard Hall, right, and Eddie Martins leave Brooklyn Supreme Court Jan. 18 in Brooklyn. (Barry Williams for New York Daily News)

Lawyers for two former cops accused of raping a teenager in Brooklyn filed a new motion Thursday attacking the victim’s credibility.

The lawyers for Eddie Martins and Richard Hall claim the teenage victim, who goes by the name Anna Chambers on social media, told “outright lies” and contradicted herself in depositions, police interviews and grand jury testimony. They also claim she previously filed a false allegation against a third man.

In their motion, they ask a judge for her prior contradictory statements to be admitted as evidence at trial.

“(Chambers) lied about material facts related to the incident and has a pattern of falsely accusing others of crimes including sexual abuse,” lawyers Mark Bederow and Peter Guadagnino wrote. “(She) has a motive to falsely accuse Martins and Hall of sexually assaulting her.”

Chambers, now 19, claimed to police and prosecutors that she was raped by Martins, 37, and Hall, 32, in Coney Island on Sept. 15, 2017. The ex-cops say the sexual was consensual.

Chambers’ lawyer Michael David said the lawyer should stop attacking the victim and focus on their clients’ misdeeds.

“They should be concerned what they did to Anna instead of trying to make up all these falsehoods and shaming a rape victim,” he said.

On Nov. 19, she told cops she tried to hide cocaine in her bra right before she was searched by Hall but in other formal interviews she claimed she only had pot and Klonopin in a bag, the former cops’ lawyers say in their filing.

Though she was wearing track pants when she was allegedly raped, Chambers told investigators five times she was wearing a skirt, they also say. “(Chambers’) lies were calculated to mislead investigators into believing her dramatic claim,” the lawyers wrote, adding that claiming she was wearing a skirt would make her rape claim more believable. “She lied with impunity to mislead investigators.”

Generally, evidence of how a rape accuser is dressed are barred from evidence but a judge may allow it if it is deemed somehow relevant.

In a Nov. 19 deposition, Chambers said she started using cocaine at age 16, but that December she testified she never had used recreational drugs other than marijuana. In another interview she claimed she dressed as a Disney cartoon princess on Halloween weeks after reporting the rap – but she posted on social media pictures of herself dressed as a handcuffed prisoner

“She’s just like almost any other teenager today,” her lawyer said. “Teens experiment with drugs. It’s irrelevant.”

About a year before she was allegedly raped by the cops, Chambers told police that a man she knows sexually abused her and put her in a bear hug and tried to drag her toward his car, court records show.

The man was arrested but a week later she withdrew the allegation and stopped cooperating with police. The case was dismissed a year before the Martins and Hall allegation.

David says there’s an unrelated pending criminal case against the man for repeatedly harassing her. He said the October 2016 case later lapsed because Chambers was focused on the rape allegations. “The defense is just trying to twist things and make up lies,” he said.

In March 2016, she accused her father of assaulting her because he found her with a knife. When child welfare investigated, she recanted the allegation, the records show. On June 22 2017, Chambers argued bitterly with her father, leading both to file complaints with police. Her father complained to police about her “constant drug use.”

“The prosecution concedes there is credible evidence that Chambers falsely accused (her former friend) and her father,” the lawyers wrote.

They claim Chambers made up the forcible rape allegation to avoid her father’s anger, based on statements from another friend of Chambers.

“They are trying to blow up everything to confuse things,”: David said. “They brutally raped her. This is probably the worst crime in the history of the NYPD.”

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