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Lawyer for dad who left twins to die in overheated car says no plea deal, his client committed no crime


It’s heartbreaking, not law-breaking.

The lawyer for the devastated dad who mistakenly left his 1-year-old twins to die inside the family’s overheated car says no plea deal is acceptable because his client committed no crime.

Defense attorney Joey Jackson, after a Tuesday appearance in Bronx Criminal Court, said his client Juan Rodriguez will continue cooperating with prosecutors but insisted the 39-year-old Iraqi War veteran should face no criminal charges in the July tragedy.

“The Bronx District Attorney will get any and all information they need in order to help them reach a just and appropriate resolution,” said Jackson. "I met with prosecutors today to discuss the additional information they are looking for. We will be providing them with all of the information they are seeking so that they may continue to review all the evidence.

“We respect their diligence and are confident it will lead to a favorable resolution.”

Adorable twins Luna and Phoenix Rodriguez were left in the sweltering vehicle while their Rockland County dad entered to a Bronx hospital and worked his eight-hour shift. He was driving away with the kids when he realized what had happened.

“I killed my babies!” he screamed at cops who took him into custody. Rodriguez remains free on $100,000 bail pending an Oct. 24 court date.