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May 19, 2019

Law would make city reveal PTA fundraising information

September 29, 2018
A legislation that will require the membership and fundraising of schools’ parent organizations to be tracked was introduced by City Councilman Mark Treyger (c.). (Jefferson Siegel / New York Daily News)

City families will soon have a better idea of how much money – if any – the parent-teacher organization at their school is raising.

Legislation introduced by City Council Education Committee chair Mark Treyger will require the city Education Department to track the fundraising and membership of schools’ parent groups.

The law, which is expected to pass when it is brought before the Council for a vote on Wednesday, would require school officials to post an annual report with the information on the Education Department’s website.

The city currently tracks some data on parent organizations but does not publish the information.

Treyger said his law, requiring the publication of PTA balance sheets, will shine a light on vast inequalities face by families and schools.

“There are some schools that have raised more than $1,000,000,” Treyger said. “But other schools have to start a GoFundMe page just to have basic resources.”

Treyger said the city Education Department should do more to level the playing field.

“If a PTA has raised $1,000,000, that’s a million opportunities that other kids don’t have,” he said.

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