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Krispy Kreme to sell Valentine Conversation Doughnuts to make up for Sweethearts shortage this season


Krispy Kreme is launching limited-time Valentine Conversation Doughnuts. (Krispy Kreme)

Krispy Kreme is saving Valentine’s Day for fans of Sweethearts candy.

The beloved chain is launching limited time Valentine Conversation Doughnuts Wednesday to make up for the small heart-shaped sugar candies being harder to find this year thanks to a change in ownership.

Just like the candies, the pastel-colored confections will be topped with fun lovey-dovey phrases. Sultry sayings gracing the doughnuts include “Crazy 4U,” “Pick Me!,” “Call me,” and “Say Yes.”

The sweets will be stuffed with one of four Krispy Kreme classic fillings, including Cake Batter, Strawberries & Kreme, Raspberry, and Chocolate Kreme.

“Finding the right word can be like, I don’t know….hard,” Dave Skena, chief marketing officer for Krispy Kreme, said in a statement. “But eating a doughnut is easy. So, we printed the right words on the doughnuts for you so you can’t mess this up.”

Conversation Doughnuts will be available through Valentine’s Day, Feb. 14 at participating Krispy Kreme shops across the U.S.

Sweethearts candy have been a holiday staple for decades, but are not being newly produced in time for this year’s Valentine’s Day since their original owner, Necco, went bankrupt. The brand was acquired by Spangler Candy Company in September, which promises to have them in production in time for next year’s season.

They can still be found online by other sellers, but they’ll set you back a bit. A 16-ounce bag of Sweethearts is currently available on Amazon for nearly $14, but they’ve been going for even higher on other sites.