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Koala’s miracle survival after being dragged by car for more than 6 miles


Getting struck by a vehicle was just her cross to bear.

A female Australian koala that was dragged for more than six miles after becoming entangled in a car’s front grille is making a miraculous recovery.

The young marsupial was attempting to cross the Pacific Highway in New South Wales, when she was struck in mid-September. But once the vehicle stopped, the koala was able to release her grip from the grille and scampered up a tree, reported the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

"I am not sure if the gentleman driving knew he had hit her or not,” said Port Macquarie Koala Hospital clinical director Cheyne Flanagan. “(She) was dragged (six miles) along the highway, with the back legs down.”

Flanagan stated that the koala, which has been named Wazza, sustained minor friction burns to her back legs.

“There was what you would call gravel rash, but it wasn’t down to the bone or anything,” explained Flanagan. “It took off skin in a lot of places, and a bit of bare muscle showing, but no tendons exposed.”

She also mentioned that Wazza didn’t suffer significant brain, head or body injuries.

Recently, the koala’s feet and leg bandages were removed and she is recuperating in a hospital yard, where she can roam freely, according to the ABC.

On a serious note, Flanagan fears koala collisions could become more commonplace with the onset of their breeding season.

“With motor vehicles and dog attacks and things like that, it is very difficult to pull them through,” lamented Flanagan.