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Karl Marx monument battered and bruised in London cemetery


The marble plaque showing damage from recent vandalism on the tomb of German philosopher Karl Marx. (TOLGA AKMEN / AFP/Getty Images)

A monument to Communist philosopher Karl Marx has been vandalized.

The plaque on the marble memorial located in London’s Highgate Cemetery appeared to be marred by a hammer but repairs are expected to be made soon.

One cemetery spokesman told BBC News he was unaware of the damage date, but believed it was within the last few days.

The marble was taken from Marx’s original grave, which was moved in 1956.

“This is mindless vandalism, not political commentary,” said Ian Dungavell, the chief executive of Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust. “I’m really sad that it’s happened in such an inarticulate way.”

In the 1950s at the height of the Cold War, the moving of the remains of Karl Marx and his wife, Jenny von Westphalen, to a more significant graveyard locale was met with resistance.

Visitors gaze upon the Karl Marx monument in an undated photo.
Visitors gaze upon the Karl Marx monument in an undated photo. (TOLGA AKMEN / AFP/Getty Images)

Dungavell said Highgate would work with the Marx Grave Trust in repairing the monument.

The sculpture is no stranger to vandalism. In 1970, a pipe bomb blew up part of Marx’s face. Also, it has been defaced with swastikas and has had emulsion paint tossed on it.

Marx, a German-born economist and philosopher, is considered the father of Communism. His ultimate tome “The Communist Manifesto” was published in 1848, and he died in London in 1883 at the age of 64.

No witnesses to the vandalism have come forward.