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Justin Amash slams Trump for ‘taking orders’ from Saudis as oil crisis spins towards conflict


Rep. Justin Amash slammed President Trump for saying he is “awaiting to hear from” Saudi Arabia about how to respond to the crippling drone attacks on oil facilities.

The Republican-turned-independent conservative lawmaker suggested Congress should be asked to weigh in before Trump orders any potential military action in response to the attacks that shut down at least a third of all oil production in Saudi.

“We don’t take orders from foreign powers,” Amash (I-Mich.) tweeted.

Under our Constitution, the power to commence war lies with Congress, not the president and certainly not Saudi Arabia. We don’t take orders from foreign powers.

Amash, who is considering a White House run as a libertarian, is a vocal critic of American involvement in overseas conflict. He quit the GOP after he became the only Republican lawmaker to support Trump’s impeachment over the revelations in the Russia collusion investigation.

Anti-Saudi rebels in neighboring Yemen claimed credit for the Saudi oil attacks, which temporarily cut off about 5% of the world’s supply and sent prices soaring. The White House blames Iran.

Critics say Trump improperly suggested that he would rely on Saudi intelligence to determine who carried out the attacks and how to respond.

Trump said the U.S. was “locked and loaded," indicating he might unleash a military strike in response to the attacks.

An attack on a Saudi oil facility is an attack on all Americans.

Trump is usually gun shy about foreign conflicts and has bitterly criticized his predecessors for getting the U.S. involved in military quagmires. But he has also given uncritical support to the Saudis, and rebuffed calls for any action after American intelligence determined that the Saudi Crown Prince ordered the torture assassination of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.