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June 20, 2019

Jose Canseco: Tim Tebow would hit many Mets home runs under my supervision!

March 5, 2019

Jose Canseco wants to juice Tim Tebow’s bat.

No, not like that.


“Tim Tebow let me help you with your swing I just saw one of your bats you have no rhythm right now and you’re to rotational I will help you for free I’m a fan of yours,” the self-anointed “Godfather of Steroids in baseball” tweeted Monday, likely after watching the NFL bust bow out in an at-bat against the Red Sox that same day.

He may not need it.

Jose Canseco wants to juice Tim Tebow’s bat. (AP)

Tebow managed to go 2-for-3 during the Mets lopsided loss, notching his first spring hit, but still remains a longshot to make the majors. That is, unless another futile season leads the Wilpon’s searching for ways to fill Citi Field amid the dog days of summer.

“He’s extremely strong, extremely physical … I can easily get him up to 35 to 45 home runs [at the MLB level],” a still-brawny Canseco told TMZ recently. “At the AAA level, he could hit 50.”

…Maybe if he beaks baseball code!

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