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Joe Kennedy’s glistening lips outshine response to SOTU address


While Rep. Joe Kennedy III tried to deliver a message of unity in the Democrats’ response to President Trump’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night, viewers were unfortunately distracted by his glistening lips.

Kennedy appeared to have slathered on a heavy layer of lip balm, and the corners of his lips glimmered in the light as he slammed the Trump administration for pitting certain groups of Americans against others.

Viewers took to social media to ask whether the 37-year-old grandson of Robert F. Kennedy was drooling, while others expressed their disgust and suggested he had enjoyed a serving of greasy pizza or fried chicken before the speech.

“Is it chapstick? Vaseline? WHATS HAPPENING JOE KENNEDY #SOTUResponse I love you and I respect what you’re saying but what’s happening with your shiny lips,” Twitter user Madeleine Stamper wrote.

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“This is petty but Joe Kennedy III used a little too much lip gloss on them small lips. That shine in the corners is distracting me,” user @AvyGaga wrote.

The Democrat criticized the Trump administration for “turning American life into a zero sum game where for one to win, another must lose."


“I took great comfort in @joekennedy’s poetic clarity and fastidiously moist lips,” musician Kay Hanley wrote.

Kennedy tweeted before he took the stage in Fall River, Mass., and wrote, ““Lucky tie, check. Water bottle, check. Big smile, check. OK, friends, in just a few minutes, I'll address the nation.”