The silhouette follows Jamal Adams everywhere. Legs spread apart, right arm stretched to the sky, ball in hand. It lines his locker, decorates his cleats and covers nearly every damn piece of his clothing.

It reminds him of his friendship with the greatest athlete in the history of the world.

The iconic Jumpman logo stands the test of time, a portrait of the universal winner. It’s a part of Adams now. He hopes to make Uncle Mike proud.

Real recognizes real, so it’s no wonder that Jamal Adams and Michael Jordan forged a friendship born out of sports, business and a competitive fire that will never flicker out.

Adams is more than just a member of the Jordan Brand with Nike. He is a willing young pup eager to learn from the greatest dawg in sports history. Jordan routinely texts Adams with words of encouragement and wisdom.

The second-year safety wants to Be Like Mike even if he wasn’t old enough to remember Jordan crushing opponents with a killer instinct that turned him into a six-time champion. The 23-year-old Adams might not have witnessed M.J. ripping out the hearts in Cleveland or beating Magic Johnson for his first NBA title or defying gravity like some sort of alien in high tops, but he has seen all the footage.

And tape never lies.

“I saw him when he played with the Wizards,” Adams, who was 8 years old when Jordan finished his career with two seasons in Washington, told the Daily News. “He’s a solid guy. People say he’s arrogant. But, hey, the great ones are arrogant. Whatever. Cocky. Whatever you want to call it.

“That man is the greatest,” Adams continued. “You respect that. I respect his grind on what he did. Just watching him. I study him. I study everything. The way he carries himself. His work ethic. His mentality on the court. It’s crazy how basketball translates to football. It’s very similar. I study that man.”

Jamal Adams and Michael Jordan share a fire, a drive to win and a friendship (Frederick Breedon / Getty Images)

Adams’ breakout season should earn him his first Pro Bowl berth. He’s been one of the few bright spots in an otherwise lost season for Gang Green, a silver lining to give frustrated fans hope that maybe something better lies ahead.

Adams’ relationship with His Airness has been invaluable.

Jordan has spent time with Adams and other players with his brand at annual retreats, offering sage advice. He regularly communicates with Adams to make sure he stays on the right track. If you can’t draw inspiration from personal dialogue with Michael Freakin’ Jordan, you don’t have a pulse.

“Just to continue to be you,” Adams said about the wisdom he gets from Jordan. “Nothing that he says is outrageous. Just be you, man. And go out and have the killer mindset. That’s how he was on the court. He went out there each and every game and he didn’t care who was out there. He was trying to kill them. He was trying to kill them! That’s just how it is.

“On the field, I don’t care who you are,” Adams continued. “I might joke and laugh with you right there on that play, but the next play, I’m trying to get you. At the end of the day, I love this game more than anything. I go out there each and every day and I’m just trying to be the best.”

Adams has made a massive leap in his second season. He’s seemingly everywhere on every play. It sometimes feels that there’s three of him out there. Adams has 89 tackles, 2½ sacks, three forced fumbles, an interception and 35 defensive stops (tops among safeties).

He’s fiery, versatile and a threat on every play.

“Jamal can do everything,” defensive backs coach Dennard Wilson said. “I don’t like to put a lot of pressure on him. He’s in the box because we need him down there. He has the ability to play back in space. He has the athletic ability and rage to play post safety…. Jamal is right up there with some of the best safeties in the league…. He does whatever it takes and I’m proud of him.”

Adams is an alpha male who draws inspiration from the ultimate alpha male. Ask him about Jordan and a smile will stretch across his face.

“He treats everybody like a son,” Adams said. “He’s very straightforward. I appreciate him.”

Adams is no fool. He knows how lucky he is.

After all, how many people can turn to Michael Jordan for guidance?

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