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Jerry Nadler committee slaps Big Tech with blizzard of document demands in antitrust probe


Rep. Jerry Nadler’s Congressional committee unleashed a bipartisan blizzard of document demands on giant tech companies Friday as lawmakers press forward with a sweeping probe into possible antitrust violation.

Democrats and Republicans joined forces to demand that Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon hand over documents related to probes into their conduct — and emails by top executives about moves to squelch competition.

"There is growing evidence that a handful of corporations have come to capture an outsized share of online commerce and communications,” Nadler said. “It is increasingly difficult to use the Internet without relying on these services. "

The far-reaching requests for information, which were backed by Republican leaders, mark the latest escalation of the committee’s wide-ranging antitrust investigation of Big Tech.

The companies have said they’ll cooperate fully with the congressional investigation.

The lawmakers set an Oct. 14 deadline for the companies to provide the documents.

The Justice Department and the Federal Trade Commission are also conducting separate antitrust investigations of the companies.

Antitrust laws bar companies from taking steps to corner markets or use their power to stamp out competition.