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Jan. 18: Mental fitness, jobs and reserved movie seating


It's crazy that we let him do this

Haines Falls, N.Y.: Deportation of individuals who have lived in this country for years, are active contributors to society and have families here, is heartless and immoral. Action such as this caters to undesirable hate groups — groups that Donald Trump appears to have an affinity with — such as the KKK and like-minded creatures. Their motto “Make America white again” is being validated by this administration. According to “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President,” edited by Bandy Lee, M.D., “Donald Trump displays the most threatening time perspective profile, that of an extreme present hedonist, and is therefore ‘unfit for duty.’ ”

Every example given in this book — dehumanization, lying, misogyny, paranoia, racism, self-aggrandizement, believing yourself better than others, exaggerations of achievement, and numerous other character descriptions and examples — can be attributed to Trump.

An inept Congress continues to interpret or deny despicable statements made by this misfit, thus ignoring their responsibility to the country. Instead of rejecting his un-Americanism, they sheepishly hide behind him. We are being held hostage by a despot, defied by none. Eileen Minogue

Americans first

Middletown, N.Y.: This lifetime Democrat who voted for Donald Trump without any regrets anxiously awaits the Democrats’ 2018 agenda. I have not heard anything from their mouthpieces in the liberal media as to what the Dems’ plans are to improve the prosperity and safety of the country. The cold, tired and hungry American masses along with our young American Dreamers are once again being forgotten by the Democrats. If the Dems feel they have any chance to regain the voters’ confidence in 2018, they need to stop fixating on impeaching President Trump, Russian collusion and immigration that would inflate their voter base and overburden our welfare system. Americans, not illegals, need to come first. Until then, I have no respect for the Democratic Party because they do not put America and Americans first. Maureen McGuigan

Be fair to the man

Staten Island: Why does the Daily News keep making fun of President Trump? I did not vote for Barack Obama, because I felt he was not qualified to be the President, but I still respected him as the President. The News is losing many readers because you are not fair with President Trump. Try being fair and your readers will respect you and your paper. Grace Lutrario

Their bodies, our freedoms

Manhattan: To Voicer Jim Nelson: You live in a free country and you cry about President Trump sending people to war. Your words were “to die or get maimed one way or another.” My nephew, 18 years old, joined the military to fight for this country to protect an idiot like you. He has more guts in one finger than you have in your whole body. The way you talk about our President and his family is disgusting. Gary Kazanjian

Work it

Queens Village: Two million new jobs created sounds like fake news to me. Can we have some details, like which industries, businesses and states are involved? I’m sure more jobs would be created if the President’s daughter Ivanka manufactured her fashion clothing line here in the U.S. instead of overseas. Isabell Passaretti

Giveth, taketh

Bronx: To Voicer Joe Fusco: I have a problem with your response to Voicer Jean Hampsas and her $3 Social Security increase. Let me assure you there is not a thing wrong with her math. What you fail to take into account is that the cost-of-living increases pale in comparison to the ever-rising deductions taken from the check to cover Part A and Part D Medicare premiums. Perhaps you are a Medicaid participant and don’t pay them. Well, I do and can tell you from experience that last year’s “largess” resulted in my payout going due south. That’s right, I lost ground. What makes it all the more unpalatable is that my pension, earned via my employment with Royal Dutch Shell, is further diminished by a Social Security offset. So you see, even with such a magnanimous increase of 2% it is more than possible from year to year to see little if any change in your check. You owe her an apology. Roberta Russo

Looking up

Bayside: Voicer Gary Schwartz says, “When you reach my age, you are just closer to the end.” I’d love to know what age he’s referring to. Age is just a number. I say: Do not dwell upon it. Instead, why not simply be happy? You have apparently had a long life, and you ought to be grateful instead of overcome with despair. Look forward to the coming year with positive thoughts and enjoy all that’s at your disposal. Take one day at a time. It certainly works for me. Sarah Alboher

Small-time crooks

Astoria: Why is it always that small-potato peons like Assemblywoman Pam Harris get nailed stealing peanuts, while the big boys stealing millions get ignored? Joe Ametrano

Voice of the haters

Brooklyn: I find it more and more disheartening to read letters in Voice of the People that both contain errors of fact and exhibit bigotry and hatred. There are legitimate discussions to be had on tax matters, abortion, capital punishment, etc. These issues should all be discussed intelligently and without name-calling. But consider the following letters that ran on Dec. 30, 2017, which by misusing facts damage their argument and further divide America. Voicer Jerry Butler claims that the majority of white liberals live in all-white neighborhoods. That is a falsehood perpetrated by elements of the right and their media puppets. I am liberal and have always lived in integrated neighborhoods. Voicer Ronnie Deckert alleges that the only residents of public housing projects are people who do not work. I know many people in housing projects who are hardworking and community leaders. In addition, nobody should be subject to living in poisonous environments. Alan Podhaizer

Ticket scalping

Brooklyn: Is Voicer Steve Chaddock serious? Two tickets to the Super Bowl for a man, Mark Denny, who spent 30 years locked up for a crime he didn’t commit? Would this idiot exchange 30 years of freedom for two tickets to the Super Bowl? I think not. James Sullivan

Good luck out there

Pomona, N.Y.: Reading about the recent changes in the hierarchy in the NYPD, I’m not surprised that Police Commissioner James O’Neill is following in the footsteps of his predecessor. Out with the old and in with the new. As a retired member of the Police Department, I have known and worked for most of the chiefs and I want to wish them good luck and much success in their future endeavors. I can assure them that there is life after the NYPD. Marty Gleason

Will and God

Manhattan: Regarding the questioning of the wording of the Our Father: Jesus gave us this prayer and He taught with parables, which can be challenging. As far as “lead us not into temptation” goes, well, God led the Jews out of Egypt and right into a desert. Things got very rough for them, so bad that they lost their faith and began praying to a golden calf. They got straightened out, and all’s well that ends well, but perhaps the point to take away is that sometimes God does lead us into very difficult situations, but it is our free will that determines how we handle ourselves. God made humans, not puppets. Diane Moriarty

A row in the theater

Manhattan: My wife and I saw the 7:30 showing of “The Post” last Saturday night at the AMC Loews Lincoln Square 13 theaters at Broadway and 68th St. Good movie that would’ve been better if not for reserved seating, which makes sense for the theater and airplanes, but not for the movies. Online, we had purchased two reserved seats on the right aisle in the center section, Row F, Seats 8 and 9. Five minutes into the film, latecomers continued to step on our toes and block our view in order to get to their precious preassigned seats in the middle of the row. Meanwhile, seats throughout the theater were empty, including the entire right-hand side section. Finally fed up, we moved to that empty section, forgoing our reserved seats, but picking up empty seats to toss our coats on. Except for the front few rows, who cares where you sit in a movie theater? Apparently everyone who’d bought reserved seats in Row F. Ken Frydman