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Italian speedboat racer Fabio Buzzi and 2 others dead in Venice reef crash


Renowned speedboat racer Fabio Buzzi, winner of 10 world titles in an astounding four-decade career, has died.

The 76-year-old Italian champ died Tuesday during a Venice racing accident.

Buzzi and two other racers, believed to be British, were killed while attempting to break a speed record from Monte Carlo to Venice. Their boat struck an artificial reef near the finish line at Lido di Venezia, reported Boat International.

Local firefighters stated they had recovered three bodies from the submerged 65-foot-long vehicle, reported Agence France-Presse.

Giampaolo Montavoci, president of the national offshore and endurance commission, confirmed another Italian racer survived but two others died in the crash.

Officials claim the boat was motoring at about 92 mph when it hit large, sunken boulders, which had been lowered onto the seabed to protect a dam, which serves as a flood barrier safeguarding Venice.

“The boat took off and flew (about 100 feet) through the air, landing on its stern on the other side of the causeway where the victims died on impact,” said a Venice port authority official.

Buzzi’s firm helped develop the dynamic racing boat the Hawk 38, which peaked out at an impressive 80 mph on Lake Como earlier this summer with Buzzi captaining.

A summer’s worth of nautical disasters have struck Venice. Back in July, the cruise ship Costa Deliziosa almost collided with a yacht during a storm; and in June, the gigantic MSC Opera struck a dock and smashed a tourism boat.