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Italian region will pay people $26K for three years to move to villages at risk of dying


Ever wanted to move to an Italian village with a population of less than 2,000 people, set up a business and get paid for it? Now is your chance.

Molise, a region between the mountainous Abruzzo and Puglia, the “heel” of Italy’s boot, is offering people 24,000 euros, or around $26,400 for up to three years to move to any of villages with a population up to 2,000, Antonio Tedeschi, Councilor of the Molise Region said in a statement.

The sum equals €8,000, or roughly $8,810 each year.

Tedeschi said 106 of the country’s 136 municipalities currently have a population up to 2,000 — giving those who want to make the move a wide range of places where they could make home.

In order to cash in on the approximately $770 a month, people will need to set up and run a business for at least five years.

Molise consists of the provinces of Campobasso and Isernia, according to Brittannica.

An official notice will be posted on Sept. 16, and people will have 60 days to apply, Corriere Della Sera reported.

The incentive to move to Molise comes as the region’s population declined over past decades. In 1991, the population was 330,900, according to City Population. As of the 2011 Census, the population declined to 313,660 — and in 2019, it’s estimated at 305,617 people.