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Israeli man says he’s sorry for spitting at Polish ambassador


A disgruntled Israeli man spit on ambassador Marek Magierowski's car. (Tibor Illyes/AP)

A disgruntled Israeli man who claimed he was insulted at an embassy took his frustrations out on the Polish ambassador.

Arik Lederman apologized in court on Wednesday for shouting at envoy Marek Magierowski and spitting on his car, reported The Times of Israel.

On Tuesday, Lederman, 65, spit on the ambassador’s vehicle after an embassy guard allegedly referred to him by the anti-Semite slur “zhid” after refusing him entry into the Tel Aviv building.

Testimony was unclear as to whether Lederman speaks Polish, but he claims the sentry “said a long sentence in Polish” at the end of which he heard “zhid.”

Cops arrested him for shouting and spitting on the ambassador’s car outside the Polish embassy in Tel Aviv.

“I want to express my apology for the event that happened (Tuesday) night,” Lederman stated in court. “My family suffered the hardships of the Holocaust in Poland and I came to the embassy on the issue of restitution.”

His lawyer claimed the brouhaha had been “blown out of proportion” as the suspect had gone to the embassy to inquire about Jewish property abandoned after the Holocaust.

The judge seemingly concurred.

Justice Alaa Masarwe referred to the incident as a “road dispute,” not an assault. While Masarwe acknowledged spitting at a diplomatic official was contemptible, he noted Lederman wouldn’t have been arrested had it not been the Polish ambassador involved.

The defendant was sentenced to house arrest and a ban from the Polish embassy for two weeks.

A recent survey commissioned by the Polish Embassy found that 50% of Israelis harbor negative connotations regarding Poland.