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Illinois girl dies on 12th birthday one day after getting shot in head while planning party on her computer


An Illinois girl died on her 12th birthday, one day after she was shot in the head while sitting at her computer planning the party.

Kentavia Blackful was in her Harvey home on Monday night when two gunmen opened fire at someone outside. One of the bullets went through a window and struck her in the head, and she passed away the following night with her family by her side.

“It was very emotional,” grandfather Kenneth Donner told the Chicago Tribune on Wednesday. “She’s not suffering anymore. We know she’s in a better place.”

A relative was standing outside the house in the suburb south of Chicago, according to TV station WLS. Gramdmother Bretta Blackful told the station she was in the living room “by the window” when they heard gunshots.

“My son said, ‘get down’ and he went to knock all of us down, but it was too late, she was already hit,” she told the station. “Her sister was sitting there, her 5-year-old little sister. I sheltered her when I was on top of her so she wouldn’t get hit.”

Kentavia was planning a skating party for her birthday. She spent most of Tuesday fighting for her life in the hospital before she died from her injuries.

“It’s a shame that we’re sitting here in the house and we can’t even sit in the house. A child cannot play,” her grandmother told WLS while Kentavia was still in critical condition. “Today is my baby’s birthday, and for them to take her birthday from her, and she has a basketball game today. She was looking forward to this.”

No arrests have been made.