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Huge asteroid to fly past Earth this Friday


A huge asteroid will pass close to Earth Friday, but we'll be fine. (Elenarts / Getty Images/iStockphoto)

There will be a close encounter of the giant kind this Friday.

A colossal asteroid called 2019 DN, which has a diameter between 295 and 656 feet, is expected to pass Earth.

It’ll go by us at just over 13 lunar distances away, according to NASA. That measurement scale covers the distance between the center of Earth to the center of the moon. So fear not, since that’s still pretty far away.

“With increasing regularity, scientists are discovering asteroids and comets with unusual orbits, ones that take them close to Earth and the Sun,” NASA has stated. “Very few of these bodies are potential hazards to Earth, but the more we know and understand about them, the better prepared we will be to take appropriate measures if one is heading our way.

“Knowing the size, shape, mass, composition and structure of these objects will help determine the best way to divert a space rock found to be on an Earth-threatening path,” NASA added. “Missions to comets and asteroids provide valuable information about their composition and structure, helping scientists assess the best methods to deal with those in potentially hazardous orbits.”