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June 20, 2019

Hog-wild McDonald’s goes bacon crazy with Quarter Pounder Bacon and Cheesy Bacon Fries

January 10, 2019
McDonald’s is launching the Quarter Pounder bacon burger, Big Mac Bacon and Cheesy Bacon Fries. (Handout)

McDonald’s is living high off the hog — and customers are lovin’ it!

The fast-food chain is porking out with the launching of the Quarter Pounder bacon burger, Big Mac Bacon and Cheesy Bacon Fries. The fries are topped with smoked bacon bits and cheddar cheese sauce; the Quarter Pounder Bacon is topped with three slices of Applewood smoked bacon and the Big Mac Bacon comes with three pieces of smoked bacon.


“People love bacon, and they love our iconic Big Mac, fresh beef Quarter Pounder burgers and world-famous fries,” said McDonald’s manager of culinary innovation Michael Haracz. “So we had to see what would happen if we combined all that tastiness.”

Before driving to your nearest Mickey D’s for the bacon bonanza, which begins Jan. 30, you should consider walking instead. A Quarter Pounder with cheese contains 510 calories and three slices of bacon adds an additional 200 to your meal. Healthy diets are based on 2,000 calories, which means a single burger would make up about one-third of your daily calorie consumption.

Still, expect plenty of hungry fans to pig out regardless of the waistline consequences.

“As a bacon enthusiast myself, I’m proud to say that we’ve done right by bacon fans and I can’t wait for our customers to try these classics with delicious, thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon for themselves,” said Haracz.

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