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Hockey player almost gets run over by Zamboni during interview


Someone tell that Zamboni driver to chill.

A hockey player in Germany was nearly run over by a Zamboni while doing an interview on the ice.

Stefan Loibl, who plays for the Straubing Tigers in the Deutsche Eishockey Liga was speaking to Telekom Sport during an intermission when his face quickly turned to fear.

While the reporter was halfway into asking a question, Loibl yanked the headset off and skated away just in time to avoid being struck by the Zamboni.

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The Zamboni, which was backing up at the time, ended up striking the camera crew who was recording Loibl's interview. Both men quickly got up and fortunately no one was injured in the incident.

After nearly being struck, the interview came to an abrupt end as Loibl made his way back to the locker room following the close call.

Stefan Loibl narrowly dodged being struck by a Zamboni during an intermission of a Deutsche Eishockey Liga game in Germany.

(Telekom Sport/Facebook)

The Tigers Twitter account had some fun with the moment since everything ended up being ok.

"Stefan Loibl is currently unstoppable!!! First, he is too nimble for the Sharks, then he evades the ice machine skillfully," the Tigers tweeted.

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Loibl scored a goal for the Tigers in the game, but it wasn't enough as the team went on to lose 4-2 to Kolner Hale.