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February 22, 2019

High school janitor Dick Peck arrested for allegedly threatening to kill school’s students

December 6, 2018
A Harwood Union High School janitor is at the center of a death-threat mystery. (Wilson Ring / AP)

The janitor did it.

A high school custodian — whose name is Dick Peck — has been fired after allegedly scrawling “I am going to kill you all” on a bathroom mirror in Vermont.

Harwood Unified Union School District superintendent Brigid Nease issued a press release Wednesday, assuring worried parents that authorities have arrested the school’s janitor after concluding he was the one who wrote, then “discovered,” that warning, according to The ominous threat was written with liquid hand soap.

“The team believes the concerns regarding the threat have been resolved,” wrote Nease, thanking the eight undercover detectives and four officers who cracked the case.

Peck, 51, was reportedly cited for disorderly conduct and creating a false public alarm. Both offences are misdemeanors. He is in court Thursday to answer to those charges.

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