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Hershey launches emoji chocolate bars, changing the candy’s look for the first time in 120 years


For the first time since the Hershey bar launched in 1900, the brand is changing its look by stamping each chocolate piece with an emoji. (Hershey’s)

Hershey bars are getting a facelift for the first time in their 120-year history.

This summer, for a limited time, the chocolate bars will be stamped with emojis. Each rectangular piece with be marked with one of 25 popular icons, from smiley faces to a thumbs up, and yes, even a poop emoji.

Other symbols that made the cut include a heart, balloon, waving hand and ghost.

Hershey's is launching limited time chocolate bars stamped with emojis.
Hershey's is launching limited time chocolate bars stamped with emojis. (Hershey’s)

The Hershey Company, founded in 1894, debuted its milk chocolate bars in 1900. Emblazoned with the word Hershey’s on each rectangle, they’ve never changed till now.

“Our classic Hershey’s bars were made to be shared with others,” said Kriston Ohm, senior manager of the brand. “By adding an emoji design to each pip of chocolate, we hope that parents and kids are inspired to share a chocolate emoji and make a connection with someone new.”

The company says that each emoji was chosen by parents and kids to feature meanings that would help spark a conversation.

Regular Hershey’s bars will still be available while these limited-time treats are released. The emoji bars, set to hit stores around July until supplies last, will come in standard 1.55-ounce bars for 99 cents and 9.45-ounce snack-size bags for around $4.09.