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Helicopter pilot finds stranded villagers in Bahamas


A helicopter pilot flying supplies to hurricane-ravaged areas of the Bahamas found a group of villagers stranded on an island, according to NBC News.

Justin Johnson, who owns Timberview Helicopters in Destin, Fla., was flying to Fox Town on Little Abaco Island with his wife Angela and Vic Micolucci, a reporter.

During the flight, Micolucci pointed out a debris field and asked if it was possible anyone was down there. Johnson didn’t think so, but returned the next day to discover over 30 people had been stranded there by Hurricane Dorian.

They handed over supplies and even managed to bring in more.

MEDIC Corps, the volunteer organization the Johnsons are working with, said the village was overlooked because it was not near main roads.

Many were undocumented Haitian immigrants who “are afraid of being deported so it is sometimes difficult to provide evacuation to these communities and they aren’t the first to show themselves,” the organization said.

The Abaco Islands received the brunt of Dorian’s fury. The storm was a Category 5 force when it hit the area on Sept. 1.