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July 22, 2019

Guam elects first female governor

November 7, 2018
Guam elected its first female governor and third Democratic governor since elections began in 1970. (VIRGILIO VALENCIA / AFP/Getty Images)

Lou Leon Guerrero became Guam’s first female governor Tuesday.

Leon Guerrero, a former senator, and her running mate, Joshua Tenorio, garnered more than 50% of the vote, according to the Guam Daily Post.

“We’re even more excited about starting on with the work that we have to do ahead of us,” Leon Guerrero, whose birthday is on Thursday, told the paper. “Today is a great celebration for ourselves, our people, and of course, our supporters. We’re very happy with the results.”

Tenorio called the election “an awesome, humbling experience to see all these people out here with us doing so many things for the island.”

The two campaigned on a message of “restoring faith in our future” and raised issues about bureaucratic red tape, paying off the public debt and enforcing timely tax refunds.

Since gubernatorial elections began in 1970, only two Democrats have been elected governor before Leon Guerrero, according to the Pacific Daily News.

The Guamanian legislature, made up of 21 elected officials, will also have 10 female Senators, including three newcomers.

“This is the year of the woman, so Guam is setting that trend,” Republican Party Chairman Jerry Crisostomo said in a statement.

“We congratulate governor-elect Lou Leon Guerrero and the Republican Party will play its role as the loyal opposition.”

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