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Gov. Cuomo pulls motorist from car wreck on BQE after attending event in city


Gov. Cuomo sprang into action Monday as his motorcade passed a pile-up on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

The governor, who had just left a Midtown Manhattan event hosted by the Association For A Better New York, can be seen in a video taken by his staff lifting the driver of a delivery van from his cab.

The vehicle, resting partially on the median after slamming into the back of an SUV, was on two wheels and looked like it was about to flip onto its right side when the governor and his police detail came upon the scene.

A source close to Cuomo said police had not yet arrived so the suit-clad governor and his team climbed up alongside the smashed-up truck and cut the man free from his seatbelt.

Cuomo can be seen in the video grabbing the man’s legs and helping to swing him from the teetering van. The driver, once on his feet, steps down to waiting first responders standing next to the median.

Police said the three-car crash, in the westbound lanes of the BQE, happened about 1:30 p.m. after an SUV trying to merge left hit a box truck, which then slammed into the van, pinning it against the guardrail. The governor’s motorcade was passing by in the eastbound lanes on the opposite side of the roadway.

A pair of NYPD sources said there were no injuries or heroics and no real need for Cuomo to get involved.

“Everyone got out and ran off," one source said. "But there was no reason for it. We were already on scene. He did it so his people could record him in action.”

The second source said it “looks like he just wanted to play the role of hero.”

Cuomo has a knack for assisting drivers in distress. His office regularly sends out pictures and video of the governor coming to the rescue of stranded motorists, often during storm emergencies.

With John Annese