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GOT7’s BamBam Surprises Fans By Finally Creating A TikTok Account

Ahgases have long requested GOT7‘s BamBam to create his own TikTok account. Just recently, he responded to fan comments during his live broadcasts, asking him if he would make an account. Despite the pressure, he gave no hints nor indications that he would until now.

Today, BamBam surprised everyone by announcing that he has, in fact, created an account. He has already received verification and over 700,000 followers! He also posted a cute video of him dancing with a filter.

He asked his followers what type of videos they would like to see. One suggested that he do dance challenges to which he replied, “got it.” 

It’s time for BamBam to officially do the “WAP Challenge!” The last time he danced to “WAP,” it was merely practice.


WAP #bambam #got7 #wapchallenge #foryou

♬ WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) – Cardi B

His TikTok’s comments section is already filled with requests to do the “WAP.” They suggest that he do it to celebrate once he hits 1 million followers and perhaps to dance with a friend, specifically Jackson or BLACKPINK‘s Lisa.

Check out his first TikTok video below:


뱀뱀 공식 틱톡 오픈 기념! 뱀이도 #사쿠란보 열차 탑승🚂 #뱀뱀 #BAMBAM

♬ Sakuranobo – ai otsuka

Source: @BamBam1A and Image (1) and (2)


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