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Girl finds ancient shark tooth on North Carolina beach


A middle-schooler on spring break is bringing home some pretty big treasures. Avery Fauth found a megalodon shark tooth on the beach in North Topsail Monday. (WECT)

As far as real life buried treasure goes, this kid hit the jackpot.

A middle-schooler on vacation in North Carolina discovered a megalodon shark tooth buried in the sand.

Avery Fauth was walking near the water at North Topsail Beach to search for shark teeth when she stumbled upon the ancient tooth, local NBC affiliate WECT reported.

“I’m looking around and I see something buried in the sand,” Avery told WECT. “ I uncovered it and it keeps coming, and it’s this big tooth. And then I hold it up and I’m screaming for my mom.”

The family routinely searches for shark teeth when they visit the beach and the girl’s father said he’s hoped to find a megalodon tooth for more than 20 years.

“I’ve been looking for 25 years and I haven’t found anything,” Avery’s father told the news station. “I was really shocked and excited for her that she found something that big.”

The girl’s family found five other teeth, including some from great white sharks, but the megalodon tooth was no doubt the biggest find.

Megalodons, which were gigantic prehistoric sharks, went extinct millions of years ago. It’s believed that the tooth could be up to three million years old.