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August 26, 2019

Get it together, guys: The Port Authority and the Metropolitan Transportation Authoirty need to learn to cooperate

May 28, 2018
When the PATH isn’t working, let the subway help (Julio Cortez/AP)

Caught between the bureaucratic behemoths of the MTA and the Port Authority on a busy holiday travel weekend are us little folks who pay the tolls and the fares. Actually, we’re always caught between them.

Sometimes, the big guys can learn to get along, as when they turned the LaGuardia Link Q70 bus into a free shuttle to the subway. The duo makes it free every holiday, like this one, then foolishly puts back the fare each time. Make it free, for good.

Another belated smart move: the PA leaning on the MTA during weekend PATH closures for upgrades. In 2016, the Port hired buses all weekend, around the clock, to ferry PATH riders up and down Manhattan. This time, they are simply handing PATH riders two-trip MetroCards only good that weekend. Cost? Just 13 cents a card, plus $2.75 for each ride taken. That is vastly cheaper than running buses all weekend.

The Port should learn even more from their cousins and finally rip up their toll booths and use open-road tolling, like the MTA has done.

Last, there’s the disgraceful display of dual incompetence for 60,000 riders who pass by the Cortlandt St. No. 1 subway station daily. It’s been closed every single day since 9/11. Good grief.

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