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Gee wizz: Pee-brained food worker films himself apparently urinating on peas


A Birds Eye employee allegedly recorded himself urinating on pees at the plant in Hull, England. (PHILIPPE HUGUEN/AFP/Getty Images)

Pass the yellow peas, please.

A disgruntled employee at a British Birds Eye food-processing plant had a memorable last day on the job when he allegedly recorded himself urinating on loose peas ready for packaging.

The unidentified worker told pals at the Hull plant it was a f--- you goodbye" for his final shift, reported The Sun.

He captioned the video, “(Boycott) Birds Eye peas.”

The eight-second phone clips shows the man soaking the vegetables as they pass by on a conveyor belt. Officials aren’t sure if the man actually urinated on the vegetables or just pretended to douse them with a hose, but they have isolated the stock and are performing tests on the peas.

A company rep tried to allay any fears of pee-flavored peas.

“Consumers can continue to enjoy our peas without concerns,” stated the Birds Eye spokeswoman.

The frozen-food titan might have to discard an entire week’s worth of peas — a staggering 10 million bags, according to The Sun.

“This guy wanted to leave in a blaze of glory. But it’s disgusting if he has peed on them,” said a Birds Eye insider. “They could have ended up on the nation’s plates.”