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Four men found dead in water near U.S.-Mexico border


Three of the four bodies were found in the pictured canal near the U.S.-Mexico border in El Paso, Texas. (Cedar Attanasio / Associated Press)

Four men were found dead in the water along the U.S.-Mexico border Monday, El Paso police confirmed to the Daily News.

One man was found by Customs and Border Protection agents in an irrigation canal in the upper valley of El Paso, while three others were found in a tunnel north of the levee about 25 yards from the Rio Grande, police spokesman Enrique Carillo told The News.

None of the men have been identified.

An official told the Associated Press that they do not suspect foul play in any of the deaths.

The El Paso Police Department has never seen that many drowning victims in a single day, but said that such deaths are not uncommon.

It’s unclear if the men were attempting to cross into the United States through the waterways, but officials said it’s likely.