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Four last-minute Father’s Day tech gift ideas


Nintendo Switch (Nintendo)

Another necktie? No, there’s a good chance dad doesn’t want that. And you know it too.

Good thing there’s still time to get your father something way more interesting. Today’s fathers live in an era overflowing with terrific tech, and, yes, they most certainly know how to use it. And trust us: There’s a good chance that your dad has something on his tech wish list.

From toys (think video games) to more utilitarian tech (how old is your dad’s phone?), there’s almost certainly something out there for your dad. Here are five gifts you should consider for dad from the tech space:

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s ultra-versatile console ($299.99) is perfect for fathers, delivering gameplay that’s equally great whether dad’s on the go on the subway or at home gaming on the TV. And if you want to watch something else, dad can still get his gaming on on the Switch’s screen. Perhaps the best part: The Switch has a vast library of retro games and current hits alike, meaning dad’s of all ages can almost certainly find a game they’ll dig.

PowerBeats Pro

The latest headphones from Beats by Dre take wireless earbuds to the next level. For several years, we’ve seen true wireless earbuds, but Beats hadn’t done a pair until now. This Beats pair ($249.99) delivers a whopping nine hours of battery life, a charging case so big you won’t lose it (a positive since dad won’t lose it, and a negative since it won’t fit in a back pocket), and terrific sound. The best part: The ear loops that insure these buds will never fall out of dad’s ears, no matter what he’s doing.

Western Digital MyPassport Go and MyPassport Ultra

Since when is a hard drive fun? When it’s a hard drive that can deliver more than a TB of storage and look sleek all at once. Especially if dad’s a computer gamer, these hard drives work perfectly with just about any laptop to deliver more room for large games, or to store music, movies, and photos. The Ultra ($59.99 and up) a little larger but offers upwards of a TB, a perfect companion for a desktop. The Go ($89.99 and up) is resilient and perfect for traveling just about anywhere.

Samsung Galaxy S10

Remember the last time dad upgraded his phone? If not, then get him the most loaded Android phone on the market. Samsung’s latest phone is one of its greatest, a potent device with a lustrous display that’s perfect for watching movies and a loaded versatile camera that effectively takes shots in just about any situation. And the best part is the S10’s unique power sharing feature, which transforms the S10 into a giant wireless battery, allowing it to charge other phones wirelessly.