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Florida man leads police on 15 mph chase, gets his fifth DUI


A Florida motorist who has been busted a dozen times for driving without a valid license led cops on a 15 mph chase before getting his fifth DUI, according to ABC News. Gordon Ormond’s Thursday night joy ride ended with police popping three of his van’s four tires and taking him into custody.

“I have no license. I’m driving on a suspended license," Ormond confessed on police video after assuring Pasco County Sheriff’s deputies “I’m a very good guy.”

Ormond, shirtless and flashing a big smile in his mugshot, was driving erratically, albeit at 15 mph, when police spotted the 56-year-old man, according to When officers attempted to pull over Ormond, the repeat offender continued driving and struck a basketball hoop in a suburban driveway, police claimed.

He increased his speed to 35 mph before officers laid a spiked strip in the road, which punctured all but one of Ormond’s tires and ending the low speed chase.

Ormond can be seen on video falling to the ground after cops cuffed him and tried walking him to a police cruiser.

“You need to watch where you are walking, man," said one officer. "You are so drunk, you have no idea what’s going on.”